Monday, 23 March 2009

Iffyton High Street

This review was given over to my teenage daughter when she saw the exciting range of T-shirts at online store Iffyton High street. The fun element of browsing a virtual street was a hit. Each shop front represents a different t-shirt style and as each shop opens in its own window it was easy to use as you could instantly get back to the main street. The choice of T-shirt genres was great with music,icons,comedy,footy all being catered for. My daughter aged 14 made a very good choice of the Blondie design from 'Rebel or be damned' . The ordering process was easy with all size/stock availability info showing in the open window. The t-shirt arrived quickly, well packaged and a perfect size small fit, the fabric and print was good and my daughter is already recommending Iffyton High Street to her admiring friends.

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